MGA Women’s Country Carnival

January 03 2022

9:00 am - 6:00 pm


*This event for 2022 has been cancelled. Click here for more information regarding the decision.


Monday, March 28 2022 – Fours Sectionals

Tuesday, March 29 2022 – Singles Sectionals

Wednesday, March 30 2022 – Pairs Sectionals

Thursday, March 31 2022 – Fours Knockouts

Friday, April 1 2022 – Pairs Knockouts

Saturday, April 2 2022 – Rest/Back Up Day

Sunday, April 3 2022 – Singles Knockouts

Monday, April 4 2022 – Semi Finals & Finals


Venues are still be decided for the event.


The draw for the MGA Women’s Country Carnival will be posted here and communicated to entrants in the lead up to the commencement of the tournament.


The results for each round of play will be posted on the Bowls SA Facebook page and on this event following each day of play.

Prize Money


Winner – $500

Runner-up – $250

Equal Third – $125

Pairs (per team):

Winners – $1,000

Runners-up – $500

Equal Third – $250

Fours (per team):

Winners – $1,000

Runners-up – $500

Equal Third – $250


*This event for 2022 has been cancelled. Click here for more information regarding the decision.

No Jab, No Play Policy

As of January 10, 2022, Bowls SA is implementing a mandatory requirement for anyone involved in the delivery and participation and spectating of all:
a. Association pennant competitions
b. Bowls SA events, including State Events and training courses.

Bowls SA considers this as the primary, highest and most effective safety control measure it can
implement in accordance with its obligations to ensure a healthy and safe environment in which to
play and enjoy the game, and to control known safety risks.

This means that all members (as defined by this policy) must be fully vaccinated by 10 January 2022
to participate in or attend the competitions noted above.

If, in time, it becomes necessary for those who are fully vaccinated to receive “booster” vaccinations,
or alternative vaccinations to protect from either COVID-19 or variations of COVID-19, Bowls SA
requires you to obtain those vaccinations as soon as possible.

Besides vaccinations, all other SA Health and Government risk controls should be followed to ensure
the safety of the bowls community.

Click here to read the policy and how it will effect entries for all Bowls SA State Events moving forward.



For more information please contact
Bowls SA
8234 7544 or E: