Elite Athlete: Commercial Endorsements Form

As noted in the Bowls SA Elite Athlete Agreement, for the period of their contract, all State Squad members shall not engage or authorise the use of their name, photograph or sports record to be used in any sponsorship, promotion, marketing, media or advertising activities without the prior written consent of Bowls SA. 

For the avoidance of doubt, it will not be unreasonable for Bowls SA to withhold consent if Bowls SA considers that the proposed marketing activities:

  1. conflict or are likely to conflict with any Bowls SA sponsors (as amended from time to time); or
  2. are likely to damage or harm the reputation of the athlete, Bowls SA or the sport of lawn bowls.

Athletes are asked to provide a list of all people or organisations with whom they have or propose to develop, any promotional, marketing, sponsorship or other similar relationship. This is to be done by submitting the online form below. Once received, Bowls SA will assess and notify the athlete of the outcome.

High Performance: Elite Athlete Commercial Endorsements Form – 2022/23
Athlete Name
Athlete Name

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

Renewal Option
Any use of Bowls SA intellectual property (e.g. uniforms) must first be approved by Bowls SA

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