Day 4 Wrap Up – 2020 Under 18 State Championships

by BowlsSA2 on January 23, 2020

Day 4 saw the Semi Finals and Grand Finals for all disciplines.


First up this morning was the open triples which had the following Match-ups:

Gold Medal Playoff: N,Black/M, Freebairn/D, Greenslade v A, Black/T, Black/R, O’Shaughnessy

Bronze Medal Playoff: L, Tiller/E, Exton/S, Bodnar v G, Moloney/K, Argent-Bowden/F, Scholes


Medal winners for the Open Triples;

Gold: N. Black/M. Freebairn/D. Greenslade

Silver: A. Black/T. Black/R. O’Shaughnessy

Bronze: G. Moloney/K. Argent-Bowden/F. Scholes


Following on from these games, the Open Pairs got started on their Semi Final games.

Semi Final Match-ups:

Game 1: C. Hicks/A. Black vs C. Hill/C. Hocking

Game 2: N. Black/M. Freebairn vs F. Scholes/S. Bodnar


Gold Medal Playoff: N. Black/M. Freebairn vs C. Hill/C. Hocking

Bronze Medal Playoff: F. Scholes/S. Bodnar vs C. Hicks/A. Black


Medal Winners for the Open Pairs

Gold: Nathan Black/Matthew Freebairn

Silver: Cooper Hocking/Cameron Hill

Bronze: Corey Hicks/Adam Black


To see the day and the week out, Boys and Girls Singles Semi Final and Medal Matches were played.

Semi Finals Match-ups:

Boys Game 1: N. Black vs L. Olsen

Boys Game 2: J. Saunders vs A. Black

Girls Game 1: K. Argent-Bowden vs I. Vass

Girls Game 2: G. Moloney vs F. Scholes


Girls Gold Medal Playoff: K. Argent-Bowden vs

Girls Bronze Medal Playoff: I. Vass vs

Boys Gold Medal Playoff: N. Black vs A. Black

Boys Bronze Medal Playoff: L. Olsen vs J. Saunders


Medal Winners for the Girls Singles:

Gold: Grace Moloney

Silver: Kate Argent-Bowden

Bronze: Faith Scholes

Medal Winners for the Boys Singles:

Gold: Nathan Black

Silver: Adam Black

Bronze: Jackson Saunders



Bowls SA would like to thank all the parents and caregivers for bring their children down to the Lockleys Bowling Club. Bowls SA would also like to thank the Lockleys Bowling Club for their hospitality throughout the week and their markers and volunteers for helping out where needed.

Also a big thank you to all the officials who came out and assisted with umpiring and marking.


A great week of bowls for everyone under 18. Congratulations to all the winners this week, some unbelievable bowls were played by the bright stars of the future.