Day 2 Wrap Up – 2020 Under 18 State Championships

by BowlsSA2 on January 21, 2020

Day 2 was Open Pairs where participants played 3 sectional games followed by one knockout for some.


Section 1 and 2 winners progress through to Semi Finals. Section 3 – 6 winners played a knockout as ranked by shots up.

Winners are seen below:

Section 1: Adam Black and Corey Hicks

Section 2: Cameron Hill and Cooper Hocking

Section 3: Logan Olsen and Matthew Armitage

Section 4: Matthew Freebairn and Nathan Black

Section 5: Kane Jansen and Connon Shepherd

Section 6: Faith Scholes and Sheridon Bodnar


Knock out Winners are seen below:

KO 1: Logan Olsen/Matthew Armitage VS Faith Scholes/Sheridon Bodnar (Winner: F. Scholes/S. Bodnar)

KO 2: Nathan Black/Matthew Freebairn VS Connon Shepherd/Kane Jansen (Winner: N. Black/M. Freebairn)



Winners of the Knockouts now proceed to the Semi Finals which will be played on Thursday morning at 11:15am.

Corey Hicks/Adam Black vs Cooper Hocking/Cameron Hill

Nathan Black/Matthew Freebairn vs Sheridon Bodnar/Faith Scholes