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Updates from Bowls SA CEO Mark Easton will be posted below and in the News Archive

Covid-19 Bowls in South Australia update

I would like to thank each of you for your engagement with Bowls SA throughout these extraordinary times as we move through the COVID-19 health crisis.  Bowls SA recognises and understands the immense contribution Bowls makes to the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of South Australians.

As you would be aware, Bowls like all sporting organisations has a role to play in helping stopping the spread of COVID-19, so we can get sport back up and running across South Australia.

Bowls SA in consultation with the South Australian Government and with leading medical organisations, have recently revised and upgraded its recommendation  from a previous cease all Bowls activities to permitting restrictive participation.

“In South Australia, Bowling venues can be used subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented”

This information is in line with the latest directive put in place by South Australian State Coordinator, Commissioner Stevens, including an exemption allowing outdoor sporting and recreational venues to be utilised. This directive also specifies that in South Australia, Bowling venues can be used subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented with the total number of people participating in all activity at the venue not exceeding 10 and the density requirement of one person per four square metres must be adhered to at any one given time.

We all know Bowls is a unique sport with many benefits – the main one being health and wellbeing. Bowls clubs across South Australia are all different and operate in different local contexts. They are also independent organisations and businesses.

Making an assessment of whether a safe exercise environment can be provided also depends on a range of factors, which will apply differently at each venue – it is the responsibility of each Bowls Board of Administration to make that assessment based on their local environment on whether to remain close or restrictively open. For any Club pursuing restrictive opening in lieu of closure, Bowls SA recommends that this is administered to the individual Membership of the respective venue.

Bowls SA remains committed to complying with advice provided by levels of Government for all bowling activities under its control. All Associations  and their affiliated Bowling Clubs must also give absolute priority to the safety and well-being of participants, especially for those over 60-years of age.

The communication recently provided by Bowls Australia (as per below) is an endeavour to provide initial guidelines on how Clubs can  open for use to help ensure people remain active, subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented.  As long as the following guidelines are followed, bowls activity can include practice and/or roll ups, social play and smaller club competitions (e.g. singles and pairs events) on outdoor greens only. There is to be no play on indoor greens.

The responsibility lies with individual Bowling Clubs to ensure that: they are fully aware of and compliant with South Australian Government legislation and Bowls SA advice, and all of these guidelines are adhered to and engage any staffing/volunteers required as necessary to fulfil the guidelines.

  • Hand sanitiser is to be made available at the entrance to the Bowling Club and beside each green in use.
  • Disinfectant spray must be made available beside mat/jack boxes.  After each use, all mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned before being used again.
  • Any club bowls that are loaned to players are to be thoroughly cleaned before and after use.
  • Bowling Clubs may need to implement a booking system to facilitate rink bookings, to confirm with guidelines.  Best practice is that a register of attendees is kept, just in case a communicable illness were to occur.
  • No indoor Bowling Club meetings are to occur at this stage.  Any meetings held on the Bowling Club premises should be held outdoors, employ physical distancing of 1.5m and be limited to the number of people determined by social gathering laws and a limit of ten people.
  • Individuals should leave the premises immediately after the conclusion of meetings.
  • Where possible, outdoor-accessible toilets should be open.  At the very least, hand washing facilities should be available.
  • No barefoot bowls groups to be hosted

Bowls Activity:

  • Subject to the social gathering and distancing legislation/restrictions, only four people are allowed to play together and the 1.5m physical distancing rule is to be observed at all times.
  • There must be one rink space (an empty rink) between each rink in use.
  • A maximum of 10 persons is allowed to the venue at any one time. Bowling Clubs may need to have a booking system in place to facilitate. Bowling Clubs with more than one green need to ensure that compliance is achieved in respect to social gathering restrictions.
  • All players are to use separate mats and jacks (or ensure that the same player on each rink places mats or places/rolls jacks).
  • Other bowls equipment cannot be shared between players (e.g. bowls, cloths, measures etc).
  • Disinfectant spray must be made available beside mat/jack boxes and between each use all mats and jacks must be thoroughly cleaned by players.
  • Players should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after bowls.
  • Individuals must leave the premises immediately after conclusion of play and cleaning of equipment.
  • Coaching should be limited to no more than a coach and two other people at the time and all practicing physical distancing of 1.5m during the coaching session.
  • No barefoot bowls activity.

To assist in the process, Bowls SA will prepare a set of State based guidelines for Bowling Clubs and bowlers to follow during this transition period, this will be distributed via email by Friday 1 May 2020 and will be available on the Bowls SA website.

People at a higher risk of severe illness (those aged over 70 and/or those with chronic medical conditions or compromised immune systems) are encouraged to remain at home whenever possible.  Source:

Any further proposed guidelines will be introduced in line with the State and National Principles.

If you require any further information, please contact Bowls SA on 8234 7544 or via emailing
Yours Sincerely,

Mark Easton
Chief Executive Officer
Bowls SA


TO:                      Association and Member Clubs
DATE:                  Friday 3 April 2020
SUBJECT:           Update from Bowls SA CEO, Mark Easton

Dear Member Clubs and Associations, 

As with many other organisations, Bowls SA continues to take guidance from Government Agencies in relation to actions and decisions concerning COVID-19. Bowls SA continues to receive regular updates from AIS  in conjunction with the Federal and State Department of Health.

 The Administration of Bowls SA are maintaining regular phone contact with representatives of affiliated Member Associations and Clubs. A key driver of this communication is to encourage open discussion, share information and resources, and be a reference for future decision making and advocacy.  As such, to enable a financial impact position paper for and on behalf of the Sport to be prepared for ongoing discussions with local, State and federal  Government agencies, Bowls SA encourages all Clubs to complete the  distributed economic  impact survey by no later than 10 April 2020.  To date Bowls SA have received 81 Club responses, to complete the survey click HERE. Please contact Bowls SA on or 8234 7544 should you require further information.

Following the Australian Government’s directives regarding community sport, social distancing and public gatherings, it is vitally important that all Bowls Organisations work collaboratively and co-operatively to best safeguard community health during these extraordinary times.

 These are exceptional and challenging times for all sportsat all levels – elite, state, club and social – and the sport of Bowls is no exception. Bowls SA recognises the immense value of community sport infostering a sense of wellbeing and social interaction. However, in times like this, we must make health the number one priority.

Like all sports, Bowls relies on volunteers and the information that we provide will continue to be communicated and created to assist member and Clubs at all levels. The mental wellbeing of all is the priority and the Administration of Bowls SA are available should you have anyconcerns or simply want to chat.

Bowls Clubs, like all sporting clubs, are experiencingfinancial and social challenges. For the immediate period and until furtherGovernment advice, clubs will be without income from competition, events,memberships and social gatherings. The financial status of our organisation and clubs is a key agenda item and our focus is to continue to actively share information and resources on how to best assist member organisations through the current situation.


While our community is in a period of isolation as we aim to stop the spread of COVID-19 and stay healthy, our best means of community connection – our bowling clubs – are unable to operate due to the government on social distancing. However, technology provides us with great  platforms to stay connected with each other and it has been great to see the online initiatives that are keeping the Bowls community connected.

The Bowls SA team has been working with our Associations and Clubs to stay connected and if you check out our social media via links below, you can see what they have been up to lately.


Please stay safe during this time and I encourage you to reach out to one another…..

Chief Executive Officer
Bowls SA


An update from Bowls SA in regards to Member Club AGM’s
Thursday, March 26 2020

With the recent restrictions placed on our venues by Government due to COVID-19 and the inability to hold gatherings of more that 10 people. 

Bowls SA’s previous correspondence suggets, where possible, Clubs endeavour to meet legislative requirements by administering your Annual General Meeting electronically. This is outlined in the below correspondence. 

For Clubs wishing to postpone their Annual General Meetings due to these restrictions; this can be done by administering the following guidelines. Postponement may also provide suitable time to administer electronic arrangements.  

Postponing AGM Guidelines;  

  1. You can postpone your AGM for up to six months.  SA Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will take no action for six months for such postponement. See – If the need for a postponement continues past this time you can formally write to CBS and seek a further postponement or extension.
  2. You should continue to prepare your financial statements for the relevant financial year and have them audited as you normally would.
  3. Advise all your members of the postponement and send out the audited financial statements to the members. By doing this when the AGM is held it will be a formality to approve the financials.

Clubs can hold their respective AGM’s electronically within the timeframe, including any postponement, in accordance with the Act and Member Club constitution. A consideration to determine proceeding with any meetings electronically includes, but not limited to, SKYPE, ZOOM, FACEBOOK LIVE or via teleconference service.

Member Clubs can utilise Bowls SA teleconference service “Zoom”, at no financial cost to the club. Zoom will enable Member Clubs to hold a meeting electronically via voice or video, this can be enabled through Computers, Android or ISO products, and telephone.

Please email with all your AGM details including date, time and main contact. We will then set up the meeting for you and supply the log in details closer to the date.

Bowls SA acknowledges that this is a challenging periodfor all and the Bowls SA Administration is endeavouring to take a ‘business asusual’ approach. With the Bowls SA administration Head Office currently beingunnattended and staff working remotely, please send any enquiries to or byphoning (08) 8234 7544 please allow a response time of up to 1 business day. 

– The Team at Bowls SA

  An update from Bowls SA CEO, Mark Easton
Thursday, March 26 2020

Dear Members,
I write to provide you with an update for Bowls South Australia as we try and navigate our way through some pretty uncertain times for the game in South Australia and Nationally. I hope that you are managing the current situation and I can assure you all that my team are happy to provide support when and where required to assist you in your roles.

Government have and will continue to implement measures to manage the spread of COVID-19. As a game, we are following these developments, and as such continue to endorse the suspension of all Bowls related activities. Regular meetings are taking place between State and Territory Associations, Bowls Australia and relevant government authorities to ensure we have the latest information at hand.

From a State perspective, I can assure that we have and continue to make decisions in the best interest of the game. More importantly we are focused on returning to play when permitted. Bowls SA staff have modelled a range of scenarios for return to play and if permitted we are very confident that we can manage the upcoming season accordingly.

We have acted swiftly to review expenses and manage the business. This has resulted in a decision that from 27th March 2020 there will be a restriction on any individual entering the Bowls SA Administration. This has provided the opportunity in some capacity for Staff to continue their Employment remotely in a reduced capacity in addition to exercising various leave and Government entitlements. During this unprecedented time, contact for Bowls SA Administration will be limited to or by leaving a message on 8234 7544, our endeavour is to respond within 2 business days.

From a club perspective, Bowls SA has been providing regular information to enable legislative requirements such as conducting an Annual General Meeting to be met along with an important financial impact survey to assist us with advocacy for and on behalf of the Sport. As many of you have already done, it is suggested that you contact your local government authority to discuss a freeze on venue related expenses including but not limited to rent/ground maintenance/water and electricity. If you would like to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact the Staff here at Bowls SA.

Please stay safe.

Mark Easton
Chief Executive Officer
Bowls SA


Wednesday, 25th March, 2020


Cancellation of Bowls SA Event Competitions
Following on from the Memo distributed on Tuesday 17th March titled Suspension of Bowls SA Event Competitions, the Administration of Bowls South Australia (Bowls SA) has been continuously monitoring the environment surrounding our capacity to deliver events. 

Advice received from the Government and Bowls Australia in regards to holding events has not be taken lightly from Bowls SA, and as of a result we have decided to officially cancel the following events for the 2019/20 season:
MGA Women’s Country Carnival 
State Multi Disability Singles
Alexandrina Senior Supa Series & Bowls Fest
Prestige Medley
FiveAA Regional and State Night Owls Finals
Berri Barmera Senior Supa Series & Bowls Fest
Australian Indoor Championships Qualifying
Secondary School Championships
Bowls SA Awards Night

This is a result of ongoing restrictions, logistical and timing issues that will not create environments for these events to begin or be postponed to an alternate time.

With regards to the entry fees received for Women’s Country Carnival and State Multi Disability Singles, full refunds will be issued. Bowls SA staff will work through administering these refunds in a timely manner, Bowls SA ask for your patience throughout this period. Refunds processed online will be refunded back onto the credit card that the payment was taken on. If you or your club paid via EFT transfer, Cash or other methods which were not automatic through the system, Bowls SA will contact one person from each entry to arrange a refund into the appropriate account.

Bowls SA still has a desire to complete the 2019/20 Champions Week as this event has conducted multiple qualifying events to progress to the point it has, whilst also being a pathway event to Bowls Australia’s Australian Championships, which are yet to be postponed. Whilst the completion of this event is still not feasible in the current environment, Bowls SA has implemented a contingency week from August 29 – September 6, 2020 for this event to be played. We will be in touch with the membership in regards to the new dates in the lead up which will still be subject to direction from the State and Federal Government and Bowls Australia.

Once again we thank you all for the patience during these tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bowls SA at or 8234 7544.  



Tuesday 17th March

by BowlsSA2

In considering the COVID-19 impact on the Bowls community across Australia, Bowls South Australia notes that our sport’s national governing body, Bowls Australia (BA) today issued a Circular, which provides an update on the latest COVID-19 developments in addition to previously providing Guidelines for participants to follow when participating in Bowls activities.

Bowls SA also notes that the Bowls Australia Circular acknowledges each Pennant Competition Administrator will also need to consider and respond to local factors and circumstances to postpone Pennant competition until further notice. It is acknowledged that several Associations and Clubs have already completed their respective season or alternatively closed their facilities.

Having considered the announcement by Bowls Australia and the latest advice from the Federal Government, Bowls South Australia advises all clubs and associations that, effective immediately, it is suspending all scheduled fixtures in the following Bowls South Australia administered competitions, programs and events until further notice.

  1. MGA Women’s Country Carnival March 30th – April 5th
  2. Alexandrina Senior Supa Series April 6th – 8th
  3. Prestige Medley April 18th – 19th
  4. Champions week April 26th – May 3rd
  5. Bowls SA Awards night May 22nd
  6. Regional & State Fiveaa Night Owl Finals, Mallala 18 March – Semaphore 24 March- Toorak Burnside 24 March- Victor Harbor 25 March- Salisbury 25 March- Ascot Park 31 March- Ascot Park 5 April
  1. Berri Barmera Senior Supa Series May 4th & 5th
  2. All State events inclusive of remaining Champion of Champion matches, State Multi-Disability & Australian Indoor Qualifying
  3. All Elite program trainings inclusive of Under 18, development, state training squads & elite squad trials

Entry Fees for all events that have yet to commence will be refunded in full. Bowls SA ask for your patience as we administer this process.

This decision to postpone has taken into account the impact of the playing matches behind closed doors, the availability of teams, officials, volunteers as well as feedback and input from players, club and association officials in relation to what is appropriate for their respective broader Bowls community.

In addition, it is the recommendation of Bowls SA that all Clubs’ and Associations’ training and social events should also be suspended for this period of time.

Bowls South Australia intends to use the period of postponement to further consult with its clubs and associations, health experts, government and the Bowls in Australia national framework.

Please be advised that at this point in time above competitions and events are suspended and not cancelled. We will consider potential options to reactivate our competitions, including reformatting or extending scheduled seasons as we are better informed and placed to make those decisions.

Where possible Bowls SA is looking to reduce face to face contact with groups of people. This will also impact the delivery of proposed Club development workshops, training centre courses, coaching courses and committee meetings. Bowls SA will attempt to provide electronic training resources for clubs and members throughout this difficult time.

Bowls SA will continue to inform all stakeholders of further developments, in this every changing environment.

Mark Easton

Chief Executive Officer

Bowls SA



by BowlsSA2


Friday 13th March

On behalf of Bowls SA, I want to reassure our Members, Athletes, Associations and Clubs that we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus situation and possible impact on our people.

As the situation is constantly evolving, the most up to date advice and information pertaining to the virus can be found at the AIS webpage, dedicated to providing evidence based, real time advice in a number of areas, including travelling to sporting events, athletes arriving or returning to Australia, and FAQ’s relating to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

The website also links to other sources of information including the Australian Government Department of Health and WHO situation reports.

In addition to this information, we ask all Administrators, Participants, Members, Coaches, Officials and staff to follow these further guidelines in order to keep the Lawn Bowling community as healthy as possible during this period of time. We request that you don’t attend Bowls Events or Meetings if;

  • You have been in any of the declared zones in the past two weeks (check here and include high / moderate risk zones)
  • Have been in contact with anyone who has been travelling in those zones, or concerned you have been in contact with anyone that has Coronavirus
  • Have the slightest sniffle, cold etc.

If in any doubt, please err on the side of caution as much as possible.

In addition, Bowls SA asks everyone to practice high levels of hygiene health (washing hands, sanitizer etc) which are widely considered by health experts to be key to disease prevention and management. We also ask that we avoid physical contact (shaking hands etc). We want to circumvent as much as possible a situation where we can spread any virus, or one where we have high numbers of people needing to isolate at the same time.

In regards to the Women’s Country Carnival, Alexandrina Senior Supa Series, Prestige Medley and Champions Week in April, we understand that people have or are needing to make travel arrangements. At this stage we are following government advice and continue to plan for these events to run as normal.

Bowls SA will continue to closely monitor the situation and we will provide updates on any status changes relating to these events, with athlete and visitor welfare and safety at the forefront of our considerations.

Keeping our community healthy over the next few months is paramount, whilst it is an uncertain time, Bowls SA will look to take a conservative approach in this matter and are working closely with our medical experts and organisations to ensure that we have the latest information to share with our community.

I thank everyone in advance and Bowls SA will continue to provide information as it comes to hand.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Easton

Chief Executive Officer

Bowls SA