Confidence boosting win for the Heysen Comets

by Marketing on November 19, 2020

After a tough start to the 2020 SA Super League season, the Heysen Comets broke through for their first win of the campaign last Friday night.

After going winless through the opening four rounds, the Comets defeated the Mallee Pirates at the Adelaide Bowling Club.

Comets’ coach Steve Hicks said his side was under strength heading into the round five clash.

“We haven’t had Scott Thulborn or Grace Maloney for any games this year, but we have had Josh Chopin the last couple of games, so that made us slightly stronger,” he said.

“They are three state players we didn’t have playing in the first three games.

“We have been under the pump a bit.

“Round four didn’t give a proper indication where we were, because we played at Payneham’s greens, which gave very much a home advantage to the Eastern Raiders.

“Playing on their artificial surface was a massive advantage to the home side, so we weren’t surprised that we lost there, but we were definitely keen on winning last week at home.”

Steve said it was pleasing to record the first win of the season.

“We all thought it was coming, so we didn’t get ahead of ourselves and get too excited,” he said.

“It was a good feeling.

“Everyone was cheery, even though I wouldn’t say everyone was walking around with their heads dropped prior to the win, because I think we were putting together as good as we could do.

“It was really nice to have a win, especially at home.”

Steve highlighted what he believed were the keys to the drought breaking victory.

“I think Tim Hicks playing with Josh Chopin was a very strong pairing,” he said.

“James Gregory has bowled brilliantly in every game and his front end with Paul Young leading well and Andrew Peters bowled beautifully in his first game in the league team.

“They won by such a margin that it carried us over the line easily.”

Steve is hopeful of having a strong Comets line-up ready to hit the green when the Super League season resumes.

“Scott Thulborn will play one more game for us, but Grace Maloney has unfortunately had exams and when they finish, she will have to work in the farming industry,” he said.

“It is that time of the year that people in the country, who are associated with farming, are very busy and she is helping her father and her family out.”

Scott is hopeful of finishing the season strongly with positive results for his side.

“We are going to go through the season not using Grace and maybe one game from Scotty, so we will just hang in there and see how we go in the last couple of games,” he said.

“We will take each game as it comes, but I would hope we can win both our last two games.”

An announcement will be made on the remainder of the SA Super League season in the coming weeks as Bowls SA continues to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and State Government guidelines and restrictions.