Building a Club Culture of Respect

by BowlsSA1 on December 5, 2019

Bowls clubs provide ample social opportunities for individuals, families and communities.  Therefore, having a strong and positive culture at your club is an important factor to ensure people have a positive and pleasant experience.

Club culture involves so much more than on-field success.  The culture of your club is reflected in the values, beliefs, behaviours and expectations the club holds.

Your club can be the envy of others, simply by looking after the wellbeing of everyone involved and creating a positive club culture.  Creating a positive club culture can also result in:

  • The creation a of safe, welcoming and inclusive environment
  • Creating a positive image of the club
  • The attraction of new members or sponsors
  • The club becoming a place where people want to spend their time
  • The club becoming more respected by the community and other clubs

Creating a positive culture takes time but can be started by:

  • Discuss some key values the club should have – this sets the tone for the direction you take.  What does the club stand for?  What is and isn’t considered acceptable behaviour?
  • Get the ideas and input from everyone in the club, not just players and officials.  Go one step further and reach out to the community to ask how they perceive you as their view are likely to differ from those within the club.
  • Consider the diversity of your club.  Is the club welcoming and inclusive of all ages, abilities, cultures, genders?  How are alcohol and drugs managed within the club?  Is this club a Child Safe environment that meets the Child Safety Standards?

Information taken from Sports Focus website.

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