BSA Policy Update: Member Protection v7

by bowlssa001 on November 30, 2021

BSA Policy Update: Member Protection v7

Making our sport safe for all!

Bowls SA staff have been busy working on your behalf and have reviewed the Bowls SA Member Protection Policy. This communication is to inform you of this update, highlight the changes and note what is required of you.

Policy Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to highlight the commitment Bowls SA has to the safety and well-being of its members and all those who participate in the sport of lawn bowls, both players and non-players. The policy places particular importance on the safety and welfare of Children and Young People within and around the sport.

New or Updated Policy: Updated

The following updates have been added to version 7 of this policy

  • Updated wording in line with legislation
  • Addition of C3 (Working with Children Code of Conduct)
  • Removed mention of former CEO

Why where the changes made:

The changes were made in order to meet the legislative requirements regarding child safe environments and compliance statements.

What you need to do: 

  • Adopt the policy and have this action minuted at a Board/Committee meeting.
  • Submit confirmation that you have done so to Bowls SA via email
    • By doing so, the club meets SA government requirement of having/being covered by the Child Safe Environment Compliance Statement, which is needed when applying for grants.
  • Communicate the decision to members.
  • Refer to it when dealing with any inappropriate behaviour by members.
  • Be aware of the policy and the expected behaviour of Bowls members.


The policy can be accessed on the Bowls SA website or by clicking here.