BowlsLink Privacy Statement Agreement Form

This form requires to be completed by those seeking any administration access to manage club, association, or region level membership, competitions, and pennants.

Please Note:

If anyone from your club/association/region needs to have their access removed or changed, please have the secretary email with the name and action required.

It is the individual club/association/region’s responsibility to maintain who has BowlsLink access.


  • By completing this form, you (or those completing the form on your behalf) agree to Bowls SA and Bowls Australia policies including the Privacy Statement.
  • Any breach or abuse of power will be managed accordingly.


  • Bowls SA staff will notify you once access has been provided
  • Access will be provided within 48 hours in non-peak times, longer in peak times
  • Once access has been approved, you can access Bowlslink, here

BowlsLink Privacy Statement Agreement Form

Processed Confirmation

Bowls SA Office Use Only
Access provided

Contact Details – for Bowlslink User

Permission Level:
I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions contained in the Bowls SA Privacy Policy and agree to abide by its contents. I acknowledge that failure to comply with any of these conditions may attract disciplinary action as determined by Bowls SA.


On behalf of the club/association/region Board/Committee, please provide the details of someone who approves your access.


If you are new to using Bowlslink, training guides and support are available to assist your development.