Awards night raffle money donated to Breakthrough

by Marketing on June 17, 2021

Bowls SA today made a $1,286 donation to the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation, using money raised through the raffle at the recent awards night.

Bowls SA and Breakthrough began their partnership late last year, with the goal to help fight the battle against mental illness is the bowling community and wider society.

Breakthrough Executive Director John Mannion said his organisation appreciates the ongoing support from the community.

“The Breakthrough team is incredibly fortunate to work with such committed and passionate communities who also share our vision for creating a life free from mental illness,” he said.

“The dedication of Bowls SA will never cease to amaze us and we are extremely grateful for its continued support of mental health research.”

Mr Mannion emphasised the importance of sport in the fight against mental illness.

“Sport is integral in the battle against mental illness,” he said.

“Sporting clubs are trusted voices in their communities and are an ideal vehicle to drive the message about mental health awareness and the need for research to help tackle mental illness head on.

“With one in five Australians diagnosed with a mental health issue it is imperative we support groundbreaking research to better understand what causes mental illness, how to treat it, and how to prevent it from happening.

“Mental illness doesn’t discriminate – and that includes sporting communities.

“Players, teammates, coaches, support staff and volunteers as well as our friends and family on the sidelines.”

To read more about the work being done by Breakthrough, click here.