Australian Masters Games

by BowlsSA2

The Australian Masters Games has been in town with Lawn Bowls action occurring from October 6-11 at various metropolitan clubs. The first half of the week saw the Men’s & Women’s Pairs contested in the 35 & 55+ categories. The second half of the week saw the Mixed Pairs & Triples events occurring. Bowls SA thanks all the club volunteers who have assisted in the running of this tournament throughout. Congratulations to the medalists listed below.

Womens 35+ Pairs:

Gold ‐ Foote/Harmon

Silver ‐ Carter/Binfield

Bronze ‐ Kimber/Field

Mens 35+ Pairs

Gold ‐ Bennett/Brown

Silver ‐ Barnett/Street

Bronze ‐ Wojniak/James

Womens 55+ Pairs

Gold ‐ Donnell/Dunstan

Silver ‐ Gillman/Curtis

Bronze ‐ Anderson/Nesbitt

Mens 55+ Pairs

Gold ‐ Corner/Corner

Silver ‐ Ellershaw/Ellis

Bronze ‐ James/Fry


Mixed Pairs:

Gold – Munro/Munro Silver

Silver – Butler/Butler

Bronze – Uren/Brown


Mixed Triples 35+:

Gold – Carter/Reeks/Heppleton

Silver – Wojniak/Farrell/James

Bronze – Palmowski/Crump/Crump


Mixed Triples 55+:

Gold – Golby/Hodshon/Davies

Silver – Corner/Corner/Corner

Bronze – Shepherd/Scott/Field