Are you prepared for a positive case at your club?

by Marketing on January 18, 2022

With the rise of COVID cases within SA, the likelihood of a member or visitor to your club testing positive has increased, with some clubs having already experienced this.

To help clubs deal with this situation, a South Australian bowling club has taken the initiative and developed a ‘COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan’, which maps out what actions they will take when notified of a positive case attending their club.

This club has generously shared their plan with Bowls SA to be adapted into a template for use by all clubs.  The plan steps out a number of contingency plans to ensure key operational areas of a club are not heavily impacted if key personnel and volunteers are incapacitated by COVID-19 or related isolation requirements.

“It is great to see a club being proactive with developing such a plan and that the club is willing to share with others. It’s just another great example of the Bowls community coming together to look after each other,” Sara Lane, Bowls SA Manager, Clubs and Governance, said.

“Having a plan such as this makes the decision of what to do next so much easier for the club Board. I am grateful for the club that developed the plan, and their willingness to share with others.”

The template is available through the Bowls SA website and is set up so that you can make the required changes for your club.

If you have any questions about this template or what you need to do if your club is exposed, please email

Bowls SA encourages all clubs to consider sharing any similar resources that they create, so other clubs can also benefit.