Affiliation: Member Club Declaration Form

In line with the Bowls SA Affiliation, and to ensure accurate recording of bowlers, all Clubs are required to complete this declaration form by 9am, 24th January 2024.

After submitting this form, Bowls SA will review your declaration and send an invoice in early February 2024 for your second instalment of the 2023–2024 member club affiliation fee.

A Full Member is defined as a member (of a Member Club) with full registration and thus eligible to receive playing rights per Section 4 of the Bowls SA By-Laws.

Affiliation: Member Club Declaration 23/24

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On behalf of the above-named club, I the undersigned, understand that the submission of this form is confirmation that our full membership registrations are accurately recorded within Bowlslink database as included on this form.
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Signature: You can provide your signature if using a touch device like a smartphone or tablet. If you are using a computer, you can sign with your mouse. If you are not able to do either, you are able to type your name by clicking on the ‘keyboard’ image. If you type your name, Bowls SA will take this as a formal signature.