Asking for Expressions of Interest Submissions to Host the Inaugural Bowls Oceania Confederation Championships 2020

by BowlsSA3 on August 22, 2019

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Bowls Samoa for the excellent presentation of the bowls competition at the recent Pacific Games. The President and his Committee are to be congratulated for presenting a fabulous event that I believe all players and officials thoroughly enjoyed and even the weather helped to provide time for true Pacific Island camaraderie and interaction.

As many discussions were held concerning the Oceania Inaugural Championships it has been decided to call for submissions to host these Championships in late September or early October in 2020.

Formal Expressions of Interest are now sought to host these Championships.

30th September 2019 is the Closing date for submissions.

Please send all submissions to me at

On receipt of these Phil will forward all submissions to the Interim Executive for their perusal and opinions and then a final decision can be reached and the successful country being notified as quickly as possible.

From the verbal discussions held at the Pacific Games I believe that we will receive a number of submissions and I wish everyone the best of luck in this process toward the very first championship.

It is also exciting to note that the bulk of opinion was to try to move this event around to all participating countries in future years and this can and will be discussed at the Inaugural Championships.

Basic Requirements to host the Bowls Oceania Champions.

  • The use of Club facilities – 6 -7 days (one of these being a practice day) two greens or a suitable game timetable to be able to manage the entire event if using only one green.
  • Possible sponsor for the event to cover at least a sandwich and drinks (water for the players) for the 6 days of competition and also to possibly pay for the medals for the event.
  • A person responsible to run the event from the Club (bowls co-ordinator) to work with the WB representative or Bowls Oceania representative. (Accommodation for this facilitator).
  • Enough suitably capable Markers and Umpires to officiate and accommodate the large number of Singles Games that are envisaged.
  • A. system or sound system capable of playing National Anthems at Medal presentations.
  • Opening Ceremony with Country name cards/boards.
  • Score cards.
  • Flagpoles for countries flags (with either security for the flags over night or someone to be responsible to collect them each evening).
  • Possible podium for winner’s ceremony.
  • If you would like to add anything further to these to aid your bid please feel to do so.


Please state exact dates that you would conduct the Championships in your submission. ALL submissions will be sent to the following people to make the decision

Interim President                                       : Mr Phil Jones (Norfolk Island)

Interim Vice President                             : Mr Chris Wallace (Australia)

Interim General Secretary                      : Ms Radhika Prasad (Fiji)

Regional Director A&O World Bowls   : Mr Wayne Moffatt (Australia)

Interim Director                                         : Ms Rebecca Walo (Papua New Guinea)

Phil Jones  (Norfolk Island)