2021 Australian Indoor Qualifying Draws

by BowlsSA1 on May 24, 2021

Bowls SA and the State Event Committee are proud to release the provisional draw for the 2021 Australian Indoor Qualifying. Please note Bowls SA has the right to alter or change the draw or Conditions of Play if required.

To view the draws, please follow the links below:

2021 Women’s Draw v2

2021 Men’s Draw

BowlsLink Draws


  • The event will be sectional play with 3 players per section. The player with the bye will be required to mark.
  • Singles – four bowls, 2 sets of nine ends with a three end tie-breaker played if required to reflect the format of the national competition.
  • Respotting the Jack: As per law 56.5 in the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, there will be no dead ends. Instead, the jack will be re-spotted in accordance with Law 56.5.3 (that is, with the nearest point of the jack to the mat line at a spot on the rink which is 2 metres from the front ditch and on the centre line) and play should continue.

In Singles sectional play, the non-playing member of the section will act as *marker for the section game in which they are not playing.

The fixture for singles sectional play will be:

Round 1           Player 1 v Player 2                    Player 3 marks the game

Round 2           Loser R1 v Player 3                  Winner R1 marks the game

Round 3           Winner R1 v Player 3                Loser R1 marks this game

*Special conditions of play for singles events:

  1. It is mandatory that all Singles entrants mark all games required in their section irrespective of the outcome or round results in the respective section.
  2. Players when marking are required to be present a minimum of 30 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time and be in attendance at the venue until the completion of Round 3 – players who do not fulfil their requirement may face disqualification and exclusion from future BSA championships & events, a fine or other sanction.

The successful qualifiers heading to Tweed Heads for the Australian Indoor Championships August 16-19 2021. Players will be responsible for all costs associated with competing in the National Event.

For more information please contact the Bowls SA Administration on 8234 7544 or reception@bowlssa.com.au