2020 State Pairs Metro Knockout results and Final 16 Qualifiers

by BowlsSA1 on November 18, 2020

On Sunday November 15th we saw both Country and Metropolitan areas conduct knockout matches to determine the qualifiers for the Final 16 of the Men’s & Women’s State Pairs.

Weather played a part with the Bowls SA Heat Policy coming into effect, with many region area’s forecasts over 38 degrees. In a number of Country regions matches were completed in the first round of Knockouts, only to be suspended after 12pm due to heat.

At the conclusion of the day, all women’s games were completed and our Final 16 locked in for that event. While in the Men’s event, Region 3 and Region 8 could not finish their scheduled matches and they will be completed this week in time for the Final 16.

With the current SA Government restrictions and all sport in lockdown, more information will come out in regards to when the Final 16 and 8 games will be played.

Below are the qualifiers for each region and metro.

Region 1: Jason Kuring/Glen Wright (MGR)
Region 2: Kevin Sorrell/Bob Bradley (MTA)
Region 3: *2 Qualifiers TBC – matches heated out
Region 4: Mathew Short/Jono Voigt (ANG) and Nathan Cronin/Brian Burnett (WAI)
Region 5: No Qualifier
Region 6: Ron Bateman/Bill Robertson (HAN) and Colin Crane/Ray Schroeder (MUR)
Region 7: Peter Cullen & Daryl Steinwedel (KSC)
Region 8: Trevor Thompson & Andrew Peters (WAT)
Metro: Nathan Black/Craig Mills (WLK); Aaron Bremner/Kane Coulls (WLK); Jim Bell/Dennis Crawley; Brett Davis/Adrian Green (ADL); Lynton Keen/Tony Treloar (PAY); Stuart Forbes/Craig Goldfinch (HOL)
Metro men knockout results from Prospect Broadview and Torrensville.

Region 1: Cathy Healy/Lindy Mark (NRS)
Region 2: Claire Eichenburger/Sharon Cavanagh (MTA) and Lyn White/Merilyn Lovelock (PVI)
Region 3: Karin Lynch/Leanne Tenney (LAU)
Region 4: Emma Treloar/Kerry Treloar (BER)
Region 5: No Qualifier
Region 6: Joan Prosser/Sue Maddern (HAN)
Region 7: Gayle Steinwedel/Claire Downing (PAR) and Michelle Barrett/Pattey Burry (PAR)
Region 8: Bev Roney/Yvonne Kelly (MAL)
Metro: Kaye Chesney/Debra Fry (HAP); Denise Caulfield/Sue Hughes (PRB); Wendy Clarke/Chris Keller (HAW); Li Song/Jenny Davis (HAP); Kristeena Kirchner/Kathy Miller (PAY); Vicki Feast/Dawn Stoddart (HAW); Fiona McGregor/Marie Roberts (PAY)
Metro women knockout results click here.

Final 16 draws:

State Pairs – Women

State Pairs – Men

Conditions of Play