2020/21 State Mixed Pairs – Metropolitan Qualifying results

by BowlsSA1 on December 7, 2020

The State Mixed Pairs was played on Sunday post COVID sport lockdown. This year saw the introduction of optional Friday or Sunday qualifying for the Metropolitan Mixed State Pairs. The take up of Friday qualifying was positive to see, with 6 sections competing.

Below are the section winners for the Metropolitan Qualifying State Mixed Pairs.

Section 1: Baldock, A. / Saunders, J. (WLK)
Section 2: Baldey, B. / Blowes, C. (CGD)
Section 3: Niblett, D. / Sandelance, M. (TOB)
Section 4: Morrison, A. / Willson, D. (TRA)
Section 5: Kovaleff, F. / Kovaleff, K. (LOC)
Section 6: Stoddart, D. / Stoddart, G. (BRI)
Section 7: Arbon, V. / Meekcoms, G. (MOD)
Section 8: Gillman, J. / Petersen, G. (BLK)
Section 9: Klose, A. / Treloar, K. (HOL)
Section 10: Nixon, L. / Roberts, P. (LOC)
Section 11: Mills, C. / Rafferty, B. (WLK)
Section 12: Deed, D. / Song, L. (HAP)
Section 13: Goldfinch, C. / Gunn, H. (HOL)
Section 14: Harper, H. / Heitmann, R. (HOV)
Section 15: Coultas, G. / Coultas, S. (APK)
Section 16: Exton, E. / Fidock, B. (MAR)
Section 17: Hemlin, J. / Hemlin, K. (SAL)
Section 18: Gatto, K. / Halls, A. (LOC)
Section 19: Beasley, I. / Secomb, F. (WLK)
Section 20: Bagshaw, J. / Geater-Johnson, S. (HOL)
Section 21: Baum, G. / Baum, M. (HAP)

From here, the Mixed Pairs sectional winners will be playing knockout games on Sunday 13th December to get down to the allocated qualifying numbers for the Final 16.

Mixed Pairs Knockouts – Torrensville

All the metro sectional game results can be viewed here.

As each Regional qualifying event is slightly different, the results from each region are yet to be provided.

Following the matches being played on Sunday, December 13th, we will have all the regional and metropolitan qualifiers, who will be playing the final 16 games at McLaren Vale on Sunday 20th December 2020.