2020/2021 State Events NOW OPEN!

by BowlsSA1 on September 9, 2020

The State Events for season 2020/21 are now open and accepting registrations. You can register for all State events for season 2020/21 here.

This year, all registrations will be taken online for Metro and Regional qualifying events. To register, please click on the above link, find the event that you wish to enter, then click on the appropriate link for either Men / Women under the region you wish to enter through. Please note for Singles events, you must enter through the region of your primary club. For team events, you must enter through the region of the skippers primary club. If you are unsure which region your club sits under please check here.

If you are having difficulty registering online, you can contact Bowls SA on 8234 7544 or your Regional State Event Manager for them to register you. Click here to view the list of State Event Managers and their contact details.

Below are the closing dates for each event (midnight of the date listed):

  • State Pairs – Entries Close Sunday 25 October 2020
  • State Mixed Pairs – Entries Close Sunday 22 November 2020
  • Sports Centre State Singles – Entries Close Sunday 20 December 2020
  • State Fours – Entries Close Sunday 17 January 2021
  • State Triples – Entries Close Sunday 14 February 2021
  • Under 18 Championships – Entries Close Sunday 6 December 2020
  • MGA Men’s Country Carnival – Entries Close Sunday 6 December 2020
  • MGA Women’s Country Carnival – Entries Close Sunday 31 January 2021

The State Events tournament book has had a makeover this season and your club will be receiving at least one hard copy of this revamped Tournament Book. You can also view the State Events Tournament Book here – MetroCountry.

The Tournament Book has the Conditions of Play for this year’s State Event. New features this season include highlighting potential Greens that could be used for each event, to help you the player understand where you could potentially be playing each round and finals, as well as clearer mapping out of scheduling and prize money for each event.

In line with previous communications from Bowls SA, there have also been changes to the format of State Events for 2020/21. These include the discontinuation of Champions Week with all State Events to be played out in consecutive weeks, the change of the mixed pairs format to 2x2x2x2 as well as the trialling of limited Friday qualifying for certain events in the Metropolitan area.

Entries for State Events will be $14 per person, per event for the 2020/21 season. Metropolitan State event qualifying, MGA Country Carnivals and Under 18 championships will take payment via credit card when completing the entry online. Country qualifying for State Events will take names and details of each player, with the payment required to be made to your Regional State Event Manager on the qualifying day.

Please note, qualifying events are not guaranteed to be held in each region, for each event. If your Region does not host a qualifying event, you will have the opportunity to qualify in a different region if you wish. Bowls SA will contact you if this happens.

State Events are open to all Full Registered Members of Bowls SA Member Clubs. We encourage all Members to enter a State Event to gain experience, meet new people and potentially be crowned one of South Australia’s finest.

Good luck, good health and good bowling to all.