2019 SA v VIC series

by BowlsSA2

The annual South Australia vs Victoria series for the Loy Caroll men’s trophy and the women’s Mulga Cup has bee completed at the Moama Bowling Club.

Our twenty-four South Australian bowlers crossed the border to take on Victoria in a best of five test series for the men’s and women’s trophies.

After scores were locked at 2-2 going into the final day the Men’s team put in a strong performance to come from behind and claim the fifth and final deciding test and recapture the Loy Caroll trophy with a 64-43 victory.

The women’s team were resigned to Victoria retaining the Mulga Cup after they were leading 4-0 going into the final test despite competitive performances in all tests. The SA women’s team was able to secure a final test victory 60-53 and gain some valuable momentum and experience heading towards the Australian Sides Championships.

Full results below:


Men’s Loy Carroll Trophy:

Test 1:

W Ruediger. 13 defeated by B Lester 27
S Thulborn. 14 defeated by M Flapper 21
C Mills. 14 defeated by N Wilson. 25
SA 41 defeated by VIC 73

Test 2:

C. Mills. 21 defeated by B. Lester. 22 
W. Ruediger. 24 defeated M. Flapper. 13
S. Thulborn. 20 defeated by N. Wilson. 21
SA  65 def VIC 56


Test 3:

S Thulborn 17 defeated B Lester 13

C Mills 12 defeated by M Flapper 35

W Ruediger 30 defeated N Wilson 8

SA 59 def VIC 56


Test 4:

W Ruediger 17 defeated by B Lester 21

C Mills 14 defeated by N Wilson 23

S Thulborn 14 defeated by M Flapper 15

SA 45 def by VIC 59


Test 5:

C Mills 16 drew B Lester 16

W Ruediger 27 defeated M Flapper 13

S Thulborn 21 defeated N Wilson 14

SA 64 defeated VIC 43


SA Win the series 3-2 and regain the Loy Caroll Trophy


Women’s Mulga Cup:

Test 1:

V. Arbon. 27 defeated C. Krizanic. 21 
L. McGorman. 19 defeated by L. Phillips. 22 
R. Callisto. 17 defeated by A. Draffen. 24
SA. 63 defeated by VIC 67


Test 2:

L. McGorman. 18 defeated C. Krizanic. 17 
R. Callisto. 17 defeated by L. Phillips. 31. 
V. Arbor 16 drew  A. Draffen. 16
SA 51 defeated by VIC 64


Test 3:

R Callisto 21 drew C Krizanic 21

L Mcgorman 13 defeated by A Draffen 17

V Arbon 9 defeated by L Phillips 31

SA 43 defeated by VIC 69


Test 4:

V Arbon 17 defeated C Krizanic 14

R Callisto 11 defeated by A Draffen 30

L Mcgorman 14 defeated by L phillips 25

SA 42 defeated by VIC 69


Test 5:

L Mcgorman 18 defeated by C Krizanic 22

R Callisto 13 defeated by L Phillips 14

V Arbon 29 defeated T Brodie 17

SA 60 defeated VIC 53


SA lose the series 1-4 and VIC retain the Mulga Cup