2019 SA Super League Round 2 & 3

by BowlsSA2 on August 18, 2019

SA SUPER LEAGUE – 18 August 2019


With two rounds of Super League pencilled in for today at Salisbury Bowling Club, players and spectators alike were hoping that Mother Nature would be much kinder today. However, several hail storms during the afternoon were featured.

Proceedings opened with Southern Blazers  (2 points) due to play Northern Knights (8 points) and Mallee Pirates (4 points) doing battle against Eastern Raiders (10 points).



The Blazers combination of Lewis, Carter and Evans survived a late challenge from the Knights’ Kelly, Trenorden and Taylor before a Blazer Super End on the penultimate end proved significant towards the final result. Blazers won this match 24-16.

Meanwhile, the Singles match between Geoff Munn (Blazers) and Todd Brand (Knights) went down to wire with both players exercising the Super End on the last end.  Brand gained the necessary shots to draw their match 17-apiece.

The pair’s clash between Denton/Dietrich (Blazers) and Ward/Pietersen (Knights) was dominated by the latter pair, winning 20-12.

The triples’ result ensured that the match finished a 53-all tie.

U21 – While the first few ends were a close affair, the pairing of Bodnar/Olsen (Knights) were too strong for Williams/Lewis (Blazers) to win 28-18. This was despite losing a 10 during the opposition’s Super End.



Mallee Pirates broke through for their first win upsetting the more fancied Raiders combination on the final end of the singles match.

The Raiders pair of Mansell/Dickson won four out of their last six ends against the Pirates’ pair of Carter/Davis to take the honours 14-10.

Meanwhile, Degenhardt/Krebbekx/Hill (Pirates) saw off Armitage/Rafferty/Short (Raiders) to win the triples match 20-15.

A very close SINGLES battle between Pirates’ Dorr and Raiders’ Percy saw Dorr win 19-18 with three shots gained on their final end to tip the match in Pirates’ favour; the final score being 49-47.

U21 – Save for the first end, the combination of Hill/Hocking (Pirates) were never headed in their match against Kaufer/Kaufer (Raiders), winning 18-12.




In a one-sided singles match Pirates’ Simon Dorr comfortably accounted for Blazers Geoff Munn 27-14.

The Blazers’ combination of Denton/Dietrich won their last five ends in the pairs contest to defeat Hull/Hill (Pirates) 27-18.

With Hentschke/Carter/Meekcoms (Pirates) recording a 17-11 win over Burgess/Carter/Evans (Blazers) in the triples, Pirates took out the match 62-53.


U21 – The Blazers pair of Williams/Burgess proved too strong for their Pirates counterparts, Evers/Tiller with the final result being 28-11 in Blazers’ favour.



A very tight tussle between Tony Treloar (Raiders) and Will McPharlin (Knights) was witnessed in the singles match with McPharlin eventually prevailing 18-16.

However, in the two remaining disciplines, Raiders were comfortable winners.

Raiders’ pairs of Arbon/Dickson scored an impressive 26-10 win over Kelly/Brand (Knights), scoring a 10 in their Super End on the penultimate end.

The Raiders’ triples of Lodge/McGorman/Flavel were hardly challenged as they easily accounted for Hyde/Bowman/Taylor (Knights), winning 25-11.

Overall, Raiders recorded a 67-43 win over Knights.

U21 – A keenly fought contest was witnessed between Clarke/Saunders (Raiders) and Warner/Trenorden (Knights) with match finishing up a 21-all draw.



The Spartans were outclassed by the Rogues across the three disciplines.

In the singles,  Devlin (Spartans) recorded a 25-17 win over Geater-Johnson (Rogues), having lead for all but the first end of their match.

The pairs clash saw a similar situation with the Zeller/Studham (Rogues) combination ahead for much of the match against Field/Bremner (Spartans), winning 26-18.

As for the triples clash, the Rogues rink of Argent-Bowden/Nardecchia/Schapel were never headed in their match against Black/Kotz/Bell. They won their last five ends to eventually win 26-10.

A very comfortable win to Rogues, 69-53.

U21 – The pair’s match between Scholes/Bodnar (Rogues) and O’Shaughnessy/Black (Spartans) was tightly contested with the lead changing on a number of occasions.  Two shots on the final end awarded the match to O’Shaughnessy/Back 15-14.



The singles match between Ashley Halls (Comets) and Craig Mills (Chargers) went down to the wire with scores being tied going into the final end. Two shots on that end saw Mills take the match 26-24 in a high scoring affair.

This was Chargers’ sole discipline win as Comets took the honours in both pairs and triples.

The Comets’ pairing of Wrigley/Thulborn easily accounted for Bewman/Rowntree (Chargers) to the tune of 26-9.

Meanwhile, Baldock/Hicks/Gregory (Comets) had the measure of the Chargers’ rink (Gatto/Scott/Haines) to the tune of 22-7.

Overall, Comets recorded a 72-42 win.


U21 – The Comets pair of Hicks/Walding comfortably defeated the pairing of Shepherd/Freebairn (Chargers) 21-10.



The match opened with the clash between Wilson (Spartans) and Bowman (Chargers) in the singles. A very even start was noted with Bowman leading 8-6 after 11 ends. However, a Super End 8 by Wilson on end 12 proved decisive with Wilson eventually walking away with a 25-14 win.

In the pairs, Rowntree/Mills (Chargers) surged away in the second half of their match against Jesser/Black (Spartans) to finish 21-10.

Another close match was witnessed in the triples between Pepper/Stopp/Devlin (Spartans) Kneebone/Stock/Haines (Chargers). A Super End 6 on the second last end swayed the contest in Chargers’ direction, winning 21-17.

In a close finish, Chargers took the points, 56-52.


U21 – The Spartans combination of Jacobs/Besser were never headed in their match against Freebairn/Walker (Chargers) to record a comfortable 20-9 win.




Josh Studham (Rogues) was pitted against Stuart Forbes (Comets) in the singles. It was not until end 15 that Forbes could surge away to record a 21-12 win.

The pairs saw the Rogues combination of Bennett/Geater-Johnson easily accounted for Moloney/Harvey (Comets), winning 23-10.

Triples saw Hicks/Chopin/Thulborn (Comets) dominant their match against Golby/Zeller/Chapel (Rogues) to win 26-11, giving Comets the overall win 57-46.

U21 – In a very tight contest, the Geater-Johnson/Bodnar (Rogues) pairing withstood the late run from Hicks/Moloney (Comets) to snatch a narrow 14-13 win.

At the end of a wet, chilly day, two rounds of matches were completed.


The Super League standings now are: Comets 30 pts, Pirates 24, Chargers 24, Raiders 22, Knights 16, Rogues 12, Blazers 10, Spartans 6.


For the U21, the standings are: Spartans 9, Rogues 6, Pirates 6,Knights 4, Blazers 4, Comets 3, Raiders 2, Chargers 0.