2018-19 State Pairs – Results

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2018-19 Men’s State Pairs Qualifiers
Region 1
Region 2
S, Geater-Johnson, M, Moloney (ART)
Region 3
J Lynch, G Smith (LAU)
Region 4
k, Carter, J, Morena (BAR)
T, Rogers, C, Jones (EUD)
Region 5
No Qualifying Held
Region 6
N Mansell, D Stanbury (LOB)
J Conte, T Treloar (LOB)
Region 7

P Cavallaro, C Wohling (MCV)
J Kelly, L Carter (MCV)

Region 8
J Faulkner, J Heath (MNT)
P Freebairn, N Harkness (OWN)
N Black, T Wilson (GRA)
L Keen, D Niblett (TOB)
G Munn, C Mills (WLK)
S Dorr, W Ruediger (GRA)
A Bremner, K Coulls (WLK)

2018-19 Women’s State Pairs Qualifiers
Region 1
Region 2
A Rowntree, P McCarthy (ARD)
M Brandt, D Milner (WAL)
Region 3
L Tenney, K Lynch (LAU)
Region 4
S Facchi, J Grosser (BER)
Region 5
J Field, T Kimber (PTN)
Region 6
D Barnes, H Turner (MAN)
R Corner, A Forbes (MTB)
Region 7

S Nash, B Mullen (VIC)
L Mole, E Love (PTE)

Region 8
S Kimpton, P Mansell (ROB)
K Westwood, J Orford (MOV)
M Roberts, L McGorman (PAY)
T Emberton, P McGrath (MAR)
K Gatto, V Arbon (PRB)
B Rafferty, R Callisto (GRA)

Metropolitan State Pairs – Knockout Results
Women’s – Walkerville
Men’s – Happy Valley
State Pairs Results – 21st October 2018

 Section 1: Whichelo, R (SOM)
Section 2: Roberts, T (PNO)
Section 3: Haines, M (WLK)
Section 4: Hurst, A (ADL)
Section 5: Pietersma, L (SAL)
Section 6: Wilson, T (GRA)
Section 7: Chopin, J (WLK)
Section 8: Niblett, D (TOB)
Section 9: Uranjek, P (SAL)
Section 10: Katsivas, T (LOC)
Section 11: Holtham, K (MAR)
Section 12: Mills, C (WLK)
Section 13: Noble, P (MAR)
Section 14: Feast, T (TOB)
Section 15: Sanders, P (SAL)
Section 16: Ruediger, W (GRA)
Section 17: Finlay, R (GAW)
Section 18: Zeller, J (HOL)
Section 19: Ward, B (WAK)
Section 20: Coulls, K (WLK)
Section 21: Sigley, P (EDW)
Section 22: Schapel, C (GRA)
Section 1: Caulfield, D (PRB)
Section 2: Orford, J (MOV)
Section 3: McGorman, L (PAY)
Section 4: Keller, C (HAW)
Section 5: McGrath, P (MAR)
Section 6: Prosser, J (PAY)
Section 7: Arbon, V (PRB)
Section 8: Butt, T (MOV)
Section 9: Secomb, F (WLK)
Section 10: Callisto, R (GRA)
Section 11: Dunstan, A (SEM)
Section 12: Grimshaw, M (HOL)
For the men’s knockout draw to be played on October 28 at Happy Valley Bowling Club, please click here
For the women’s knockout draw to be played on October 28 at Walkerville Bowling Club, please click here
Bowls SA in conjunction with the State Event Committee is pleased to release the Metropolitan Qualifying draws for the 2018-19 Men’s and Women’s State Pairs.
In the Men’s and Women’s State Pairs, 5 Metropolitan Qualifiers will compete in sectional and knockout rounds to join 11 Country Qualifiers in the last 16 for each event, to be held at Champions Week 1 in Murray Bridge 13-18 December 2018.
Men’s State Pairs Draw – Metropolitan Qualifying
Women’s State Pairs Draw – Metropolitan Qualifying
State Event Conditions of Play