Coaches play a huge part in the sustainability of Bowls. An enthusiastic personality, skills and approachable style that coaches have helps players to be welcomed and learn the unique sport of Bowls. The Coaches Corner will provide information on how to become a coach, coaching courses and resources for coaches. 

Coaching in South Australia is proudly supported by Henselite Bowls. Please visit for all your Bowling Equipment & Apparel needs.


Club Coach Accreditation Day

Friday 30 August, 2019. 9am to 5pm. Bowls SA Office

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Club Coach Accreditation Day

Saturday 31 August, 2019. 9am to 5pm. Bowls SA Office.

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Coach Development Day

Friday 13 September 2019, 10am to 2:30pm. Playford Bowling Club

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Selection Module Workshop

Sunday 29 September 2019, 9:00am to 1:00pm. Bowls SA Office

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Competition Module Workshop

Sunday 29 September 2019, 1:30pm to 5:00pm. Bowls SA Office

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Introductory Coach Accreditation Day

Sunday 13 October 2019, 10am to 2:00pm. Woodville Bowling Club

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Introductory Coach Accreditation Day

Friday 25 October 2018, 10am to 2:00pm. Bowls SA Office

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Competition Module Workshop

Friday 22 November 2019, 10:00am to 2:00pm. Bowls SA Office

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*Further courses may be scheduled in Country areas in line with Bowls Fest events

This page will be updated with further coaching events happening in the new year



Introductory Coach Suited to coaches working with schools, social bowlers and those introducing a new participant to the game. 

The Introductory Coaches course prepares participants to:

  • Assess and manage the risks of coaching at an Introductory level
  • Utilise a range of communication techniques
  • Plan and safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation through games and activities
  • Adapt activities to meet player abilities

Club Coach
The Club Coach course is ideally suited to coaches regularly working at club level, either coaching a team or coaching an individual.  Amongst a range of other knowledge and skill components, this course covers a broad range of general coaching theories and specific bowls content, including;
• Conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics
• Identify appropriate delivery options to place bowl smoothly on running surface
• Identify appropriate drills for shot development
• Apply technique analysis to provide appropriate feedback
• Identify the correlation between line and weight and the impact of environmental conditions
• Implement inclusive activities for the coaching of bowls
• Identify physical growth and development considerations
• Identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip
• Assist athletes with basic nutritional strategies for sports performance
• Demonstrate effective communication strategies

The Competition Module focuses on the aspects of competitive bowls. Coaches should attend this workshop to gain further information on how to best prepare players for competition, where to find the laws of the sport and conditions of play and understand how to educate players to focus on the elements they can control.
The workshop contains practical on green elements where players can discover what their own shot timeline is and how best to collect statistics.You do not need to be an accredited coach to attend a workshop – it’s open to players, committee members, selectors and other interested persons.

The Selection Module is designed for club coaches, selectors and others who are keen to ensure their club has best practice selection standards. Coaches should attend this workshop to learn more about bench-marking players, which can assist with selection, while selectors and committee members are advised to attend this workshop to learn how to create a selection policy and a healthy philosophy for their club.  You do not need to be an accredited coach to attend a workshop – it’s open to players, committee members, selectors and other interested persons.

To apply for a Club or Introductory Coaching re accreditation please click below to access the appropriate reaccreditation information. 

Reaccreditation Policy 
Club Coach Reaccreditation Form 
Introductory Coach Reaccreditation Form
Coaches Code of Behaviour

Coaching Resources

The second edition of Bowling Better: Enjoying it More by coach Mal Hutton is now available at a cost of $20 postage paid, delivered to your postal address.

Mal’s belief is that if we can bowl that bit better, we will enjoy bowling a lot more. His book is aimed at club bowlers who want to be able to put down more good bowls reliably every session without needing luck, contributing more to their team’s success. In relatively few words he covers a variety of topics in a down to earth way, with practical suggestions about technique, tactics, mental approach etc. Mal has agreed to donate some of the proceeds from the sale of his book back into the SA coaching program so all members can benefit.

Register your interest in purchasing the book by filling in the following registration and Mal Hutton will be in contact with you to organise the purchase of the book.

To register, Please Click here and follow the prompts.

*Please note that Bowls SA is only involved in the advertisement of this book, all queries with the product or delivery should be directed to Mal Hutton.


The Bowls SA Coaching Development Day is a great opportunity for accredited coaches to come along and develop their skills as well as potentially learn new ones. It  is also a great opportunity for members whom may be interested in coaching in the future to come along and see what coaching is all about.

Bowls SA on behalf Coaching & Junior Committee are pleased to report on a successful Coach Development Day held at Club Holdfast on Friday February 1st, 2019.

55 members from clubs right around the state attended the day and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to network with other coaches, participate in activities and share ideas, all with the aim of growing the interest in and raising the standard of coaching in South Australia.

The members were firstly treated to a presentation from 114 state game player and experienced premier league skipper Marc Evans from the Grange Bowling Club. Marc talked a lot about his experiences at state and club level as well as theories on the game from the perspective of an elite level lead.

Next the attendees got to hear from Advanced level coach Mal Hutton who recently attended Bowls Australia’s coaching conference in Queensland. Mal was able to share some of the insights learned there and what may be applicable to the South Australian coaching fraternity.

Before lunch State Men’s coach Les Carter ran the coaches through his thoughts and ideas on teaching bowlers the fundamentals of learning and leading, then provided some examples of drills that coaches can do with developing players which was very well received.

To finish off the day Deanna Amos provided some insight on coaching member’s technical delivery where members were given the chance to practically film their bowls delivery and discuss and analyse it with other coaches to provide fault finding examples.

At the conclusion of the day all members would have walked away with some new knowledge and ideas to implement at their club, as well as the satisfaction of a very enjoyable day. The Bowls SA Coaching & Junior Committee would like to thank all guest speakers for their time and effort to present as volunteers, in addition to the Club Holdfast for being fantastic hosts.

Coach Development Days continue to be a positive opportunity provided by Bowls SA to its members and clubs, we look forward to continuing to running successful days in the future. The Coaching & Junior committee will be continuing to work on another ideas and opportunities for clubs to utilise and look forward to some exciting announcements in the future.

Coaching in South Australia is proudly supported by Henselite Bowls. Please visit for all your Bowling Equipment & Apparel needs.


For more information on Coaching players with a Bowling Arm please click the link below to go to the Bowls SA Coaching Committee booklet. This booklet will provide coaches with the knowledge needed to coach players with a Bowling Arm, from their stance to using the correct Bowling Arm. 

Click here to see the Coaching Players With Bowling Arms Booklet. 


A selection of drills that can be used to develop players skills in a variety of different shots.

Draw Drill 1
Draw Drill 2
Draw Drill 3
Draw Drill 4
Draw Drill 5
Draw Drill 6
Draw Drill 7
Drive Drill
Lead Drill 
Weighted Shot Drill


A selection of drills that you can set up to practice shot play and head reading by yourself or with members.


The Bowls SA Coaching & Junior committee have been working on resources to assist clubs in having the ability to work with schools. The Schools coaching guide aims to provide hints on how to communicate with schools as well as activity and program examples that can be run with schools to meet SACE criteria.

Please download here


Bowls Australia have a number of resources available

“Bowling with Barrie” is a series of helpful videos that give some valuable coaching tips. Please view the videos by clicking here

“The Coaches Den” is another series of helpful videos that coaches can view for some helpful tips (these are compulsory to view to re accredit as a coach). Please view the videos by clicking here

Visit the Bowls Australia website for more information and resources

YouTube is also a great resource to view videos that can offer coaching tips

Bowls Technical Excellence Series – The Delivery

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Men’s Triples Final | Australia v England