Frequently Asked Questions

by BowlsSA5

Q. Can there be 10 members inside the club rooms as well as 10 members outside the venue?

A. Yes.  However, the 10 members inside the venue must be there for a purpose, eg. a committee meeting, or renovations.


Q. If there is to be no organised bowls activities, does that mean no practice or training as well?

A. No.  Practice and training are fine to go ahead with.  Organised bowls activities refers to a competitive structure of the game, so no Social Bowls, Night Owls, Pennants, etc.


Q. Do I have to book in, to have a roll up at my club?

A. Maybe.  The decision to open a venue and the system for accessing the green is different for each bowling club.  Please contact your bowling club directly to determine the correct course of action.


Q. Does the size of the green or number of rinks affect the number of people allowed on the green?

A. No.  It is a blanket rule of 10 people per green, no matter the size of the green.


Q. If there are 10 people playing on the green, can they bring partners or spectators?

A. No.  10 people on the green does not allow for extra spectators inside the venue.


Q. Does the 10 people maximum on the green include greenskeepers or external workers?

A. Yes.  If you have 2 greenskeepers working on the green and 1 person painting the fence, only 7 people can bowl.  Similarly, if you have 2 electricians doing maintenance inside the clubrooms, only 8 people can meet for an inside meeting.